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State of art: News

Domain news

In this section, you may find recent news we have considered to be link to the GASP domain. You can submit us a news to appear in this webpage: submit a news

09 September 2005: Real-time multiplayer game launches on V CAST

Verizon Wireless and Gameloft have launched the first real-time multiplayer mobile game on Verizon Wireless' V CAST consumer multimedia service. Available exclusively to Verizon Wireless V CAST customers, Asphalt Urban GT(TM): Multiplayer allows players to simultaneously compete in Gameloft's latest 3D driving game. [read here...]

01 September 2005: Indiagames selects Terraplay MOVE platform for connected gaming

Mumbai-based mobile games publisher Indiagames has selected Swedish middleware provider Terraplay to supply server solutions for its offering of connected and multiplayer gaming. Indiagames will launch several connected and multiplayer games later this year using the recently launched MOVE 3.0 platform from Terraplay. MOVE 3.0 will allow Indiagames to use features such as in-game community with gamer tags, high score, tournaments, matchmaking, game rooms; turn-based and real time multiplayer, and in-game content download.. [read here...]

19 August 2005: First 3G Multiplayer Mobile Game

Australia : In an Australian first, 3 mobile today launched the first 3G multiplayer mobile game. Utilising the speed and technology of the advanced 3G network, 3?s multiplayer mobile game allows customers to play against real opponents in real time. [read here...]

17 August 2005: Quazal Announces PSP Networking Middleware

Montreal, Quebec-headquartered Quazal, maker of the Net-Z and Rendez-Vous online multiplayer middleware technologies, has announced that the company has been approved for the Tools and Middleware program for Sony's PSP handheld, and that a version of its middleware is now ready for evaluation by interested PSP developers. [read here...]

28 July 2005: SNAP Nokia's Solution to a Looming Mobile Crisis

Nokia believes that the mobile games industry currently has way too many multiplayer and development technologies. If a standard isn't adopted, the industry will be facing a crisis, says Nokia's Lisa Waits. Nokia is confident that its SNAP technology is the answer. In fact, they believe it will do for mobile gaming what Windows did for the PC. [read here...]

28 June 2005: Sun Java Wireless Toolkit Release includes Nokia SNAP Mobile APIs

Nokia, a leading provider of connected, multiplayer Java games, and Sun Microsystems, Inc. today announced the inclusion of Nokia's Scalable Network Application Package (SNAP) Mobile APIs in the beta release of the Sun Java Wireless Toolkit (version 2.3), formerly known as the J2ME Wireless Toolkit. For the first time, Sun's Java Wireless Toolkit incorporates a third-party developer application as part of the toolkit's External API feature. [read here...]

01 June 2005: Gameloft Showcases the Latest in Real-Time Multiplayer 3D Games at BREW 2005

QUALCOMM's BREW solution and CDMA2000 1xEV-DO technology enable Gameloft to commercially launch these 3D multiplayer games, creating a superior gaming experience and rapid over-the-air downloading of large files. [read here...]

18 May 2005: IMImobile, India to Offer Multiplayer Mobile Games to the Market Based on Terraplay MOVE Connected Gaming Technology

The Indian mobile VAS service provider IMImobile provides connected and multiplayer mobile games to the Indian market using Terraplay's MOVE technology. [read here...]

10 March 2005: 3 UK Multiplayer Solution for 3G Mobile Games

Europe : Terraplay Systems, the leading supplier of multiplayer and connected gaming solutions, today announced that 3, the UK's first video mobile network, will employ Terraplay MOVE to support its real-time multiplayer games service. [read here...]

10 March 2005: MoCoHub provides multiplayer mobile games based on Terraplay

MoCoHub the leading mobile content provider in Poland with a network of international game service providers and publishers adds multiplayer mobile games based on Terraplay?s network technology, Terraplay MOVE, to their broad portfolio of mobile content. [read here...]

21 October 2004: Mobile gaming goes multiplayer. At last.

You wait months for a GPRS-enabled over-the-air multiplayer gaming system with sophisticated community elements and automated matching services, and then two come along at once! Welcome to the next stage in the evolution of mobile gaming. This week, two mobile game publishers soft launched their own ?online? multiplayer gaming systems, each allowing phone owners to locate and play simple games against other phone users via their GPRS connections. [read here...]

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