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Event: GASP tutorial at UbiMob'06 Conference

UbiMob'06 is the third French-speaking days about Mobility and Ubiquity organized by the Conservatoire des arts et métiers of Paris the 5-9 September 2006, France, UbiMob'06 website.

A GASP tutorial is planned the 5th September to present the specifities of multiplayer games development on J2ME mobile phones and to introduce the tutorial participants to multiplayer games development over GASP middleware.


  • 9h-9h30 : J2ME multiplayer games development specificities and GASP middleware presentation
  • 9h30-12h30 : Components installation (GASP, development environment, tutorial game), Game functionalities development over GASP
  • 12h30-14 : Lunch
  • 14h-15h : Game functionalities development over GASP (continuation)
  • 15h-16h : Open discussion

Tutorial Requirements

  • A Windows XP based PC with at least 250 Mo free.

Tutorial Downloads

  • GASP setup : the GASP installer, named GASPInstall_v1.0.4.exe, offers to install Tomcat, MySQL, JDK, GASP and configures all features. Download it
  • GASP Tutorial setup : install the tutorial development environment, offers to install Eclipse, J2ME wireless toolkit, Antenna and client/server tutorial game code. Download it

Tutorial News

4 September 2006 : Development environment setup available

This setup provides to configure the development environment for the GASP tutorial (Eclipse, J2ME wireless toolkit and client/server tutorial game code).

30 August 2006 : Development environment setup coming soon

We started to work on this installer, it will be released soon

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