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State of art: Existing platforms

This section aims to provide a complete list of existing platforms for mobile multiplayer gaming. If unfortunaly we have forgotten a commercial or open source platform, submit us informations about it here: submit a platform

N.B: platformname [OMA GS] represents a platform implementing the OMA GS specifications.

Commercial platforms

Deus+exMachina[more about...]
Neutron [OMA GS]Exit Games[more about...]
GexGameFederation[more about...]
JivePixel Technologie[more about...]
LiveKayak Interactive[more about...]
MServermForma[more about...]
Unipier Entertainment Suite (ex Pecan Gaming)Unipier (ex Cash-U) [more about...]
SNAP MobileNokia / Sun Microsystems[more about...]
Terraplay MoveTerraplay[more about...]

A bibliographic report starting to compare functionnalities of these commercial platforms is available: Mobile Gaming Services, R. Pellerin, 2004 [french]

Open source platforms

GASP [OMA GS]CNAM /INT /Infraworlds L-GPL[more about...]

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